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Disk Digger app can undelete and recover lost photos, images, or videos from your internal memory or external memory card. Whether you accidentally deleted a photo, or even reformatted your memory card, Disk Digger’s powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and videos, and let you restore them.

• Note: Disk Digger requires the “Access all files” permission on your device, to be able to search all locations on the device for lost and recoverable photos. When you are asked for this permission, please enable it so that Disk Digger can search your device most effectively.

• If your device is not rooted, the app will perform a “limited” scan for your deleted photos by searching your cache and thumbnails.

• If your device is rooted, the app will search all of your device’s memory for any trace of photos, as well as videos!

• After the scan is complete, tap the “Clean up” button to permanently delete any items that you no longer need (currently an experimental feature, available only in the Basic Scan).

• You can also use the “Wipe free space” option to erase the remaining free space on your device, so that any deleted files can no longer be recoverable.

• For complete instructions, please see http://diskdigger.org/android

• If you need to recover more types of files besides photos and videos, try Disk Digger Pro

Advanced Features Disk Digger App

Able to scan virtual disk image files:

• VHD files (Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk)

•VDI files (VirtualBox disk image)

• Direct binary disk images (acquired with dd or similar tools)

• When digging deeper, ability to start scanning from a specific location on the disk.

• When previewing files, the program optionally shows the first 4K bytes of the file as a hex dump.

Dig Deep Disk Digger App

• Undelete files from FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), NTFS, and exFAT partitions.

• Filter recoverable files by name and size.

• Sort recoverable files by name, size, date, and directory.

Dig Deeper

• Scan (carve) entire disk for traces of specific file types.

Supported file types include Disk Digger App

Photos and images

• JPG – Pictures stored in digital cameras and on the Web (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

• PNG – Portable Network Graphics

• GIF – Graphics Interchange Format

• BMP – Windows and OS/2 bitmap image

• TIFF – Tagged Image File Format

• ICO – Windows Icon

• ANI – Windows Animated Cursor

• CR2 – Canon RAW image

• SR2 – Sony RAW image

• NEF – Nikon RAW image

• DCR – Kodak RAW image

• PEF – Pentax RAW image

• DNG – Adobe Digital Negative

• SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics

• PSD – Adobe Photoshop Image

• RAS – Sun raster image

• PSP – Paint Shop Pro image

• Thumbcache – Windows thumbnail cache

• IFF – Amiga images and other media

• ART – AOL Art images

• WMF – Windows MetaFile

• EMF – Enhanced MetaFile

• WMZ, EMZ – Compressed MetaFiles

• DICOM – Medical imaging format

• WEBP – WebP images

• PCX – ZSoft PCX images

• CDR – CorelDraw images

• INDD – Adobe InDesign documents

• CP – Adobe Captivate documents

Audio and video Disk Digger App

• MP3 – Audio format widely used in digital media players (MPEG layer 3)

• WMA – Windows Media Audio

• AVI – Audio Video Interleave

• WAV – Wave audio

• MID -Musical Instrument Digital Interface

• FLV – Adobe Flash Video

• WMV – Windows Media Video

• MOV – QuickTime video

• M4A – MPEG-4 audio

• 3GP – Third Generation Partnership video

• F4V – Adobe Flash video based on MPEG-4 Part 12

• RM – RealMedia video

• RMVB – RealMedia video (variable bitrate)

• MKV – Matroska video

• MPEG – Motion Picture Experts Group

• AU – Sun Microsystems audio

• MTS, M2TS – MPEG2 Transport Stream

• R3D – RED Video Camera video

• APE – Monkey’s Audio file

• OFR – OptimFROG lossless audio

• PPM, PGM, PBM – Netpbm images

• WEBM – WebM videos

Miscellaneous Disk Digger App

• ISO – Images of optical media, such as CDs and DVDs

• EXE – Windows or MS-DOS executable file

• DLL – Windows or MS – DOS dynamic – link library

• MDB – Microsoft Access database (2003 and below)

• ACCDB – Microsoft Access database (2007 and above)

• PST – Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders file

• DBX – Microsoft Outlook Express data file

• XAC – GnuCash data file
• KMY – KMyMoney data file
• DWG – AutoCAD drawing
• DXF – Drawing Interchange Format

• CHM – Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file

• TTF, TTC – TrueType font
• CLASS – Java class file
• KMZ – Google Earth location data

Common Features Disk Digger App

• Works in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.

• Also works in Linux.

• View recoverable files as a list, or as thumbnail previews.

• Thumbnails will show previews of image files, album art from MP3 and WMA files, and icons from executable files!

• Previews of JPG and TIFF files will show EXIF information (camera model, date taken, sensor settings, etc.).

• Previews of MP3 files will show ID3 information (artist, album, genre, etc.).

• Previews of ZIP files will show a list of files contained in the archive.

Important Apps-Links:-

1 Download Disk app Digger For Android: Click here

2 Download Disk Digger App For Windows:Click here

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